About us

D100 Comms is the business services department of 'Dunworth 100'. Dunworth 100 was established recently in the South-West of England in the county of Wiltshire. Our local business is expanding into the country with more clients weekly. We are constantly improving business and our interactions with the customer, including this completely new and bespoke website to promote our services.

We are a smaller business with quality and dependable work ethics. We use a personal touch with our clients, often meeting face-to-face and keeping communication free and open.


Marketing is our fastest growing interest and department with increasingly happy and on-going clients. We provide all sorts of expertise from web development to graphic design and can now offer psychological marketing techniques.

This department has now built and maintained websites for a range of companies including a security company, auto mechanics and a heating & electrical company. We have also had an extensive relationship with our graphics teams in developing business cards, fliers and other advertisments.


Our leading communications expert provides advice on information technologies drawn from thirty-two years of experience working for British Telecoms (BT) in global services. His expertise in this area are extensive as he has worked in a wide-range of different areas of BT. Now, however, he has been given free roam to use and expand his expertise where he tells us he's learning more each day now than ever before.

Keeping connected has never been easier in the modern day. We use communications everyday to talk to anyone around the world. There are now so many different ways to communicate information and your ideas to others, and we can provide a service so you'll never be out of touch.


Having been educated in natural resources and engineering, with experience in environmental management and communications, the environment department have a broad range of knowledge accrued and intend it to be central in all facets of their business and are passionate about science and technology but with a deep understanding of environmental effects. We consider all aspects of manufacture in view of this perspective.

In order to limit our impacts and achieve a safe and healthy environment, be economically competitive but still be able to produce quality products, Dunworth has initiated a combined QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety & Environment) management system which voluntarily follows the accepted ISO (International Standards Organization). Our environmental team has also partaken in voluntary ventures as an advisor at the Citizens Advice Bureau, in the administration office at Claire House Children's Hospice, fund-raising for Cancer Research, campaigning for Friends of the Earth, and public speaking on behalf of the animals for the South African equivalent of the 'RSPCA'. They are also qualified and experienced in Environmental Management, Mechanical Engineering and Earth Sciences. As a Chartered Waste Management group, successful project management experience has included coordinating communications projects to improve recycling, design and implement a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) and integrate Environmental Management Systems into various industries.

The pinnacle of success was In November 2007, whilst working at Festival Place Shopping Centre in Basingstoke, Brigitte and her colleagues received a Green Apple Bronze award at the Houses of Parliament for the design and implementation of a MRF (Materials Recovery Facility).